Greenclothing Presents

光音電波 × 戸崎拓海


Greenclothingが主催するパーティ「Summit」が2016年10月渋谷で開催された。絵の展示による光音電波とのセッション。作品のサイズは1940×1300mmで、自身が制作したキャンバス作品の中で最も大きい。制作期間は約2ヶ月。イベント当日はYuu (Outflow)、Little-B (Areth)がDJとして参加。パーティの盛り上がりっぷりに自分の絵への確信を感じた結果、この絵にバイブレーションと名付る。


The party “Summit” organized by Greenclothing was held in Shibuya in October 2016. Session with Livemusic:Koondenpa by exhibition of my artwork. The size of the work is 1940 × 1300 mm, which is the largest among canvas works produced by myself. The production time is about 2 months. Yuu (Outflow), Little-B (Areth) participated as DJ on the day of the event. As a result of feeling convinced of this artwork at the party’s excitement, it is named vibration.

This Art has a symmetrical swell extending from the center. The swells are joined together at the top and bottom of the center, and each shape is created there. Each turn of the swirling circle, the shape is also born there. Here and there.

LIve sound source of this party

original artwork

Flyer design with Katsuro Taguchi

  • Project Type: Exhibition in the Party
  • Date: 2016.10.1
  • Place: Aurra in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
  • Photo: Shinya Yokoyama